Help us restore the Paul Robeson mural in DC!

In April 2023, someone defaced the Paul Robeson mural on U Street in Washington, DC, a tribute to one of the most influential figures of Black history. The incident was captured on video by a bystander, and it has caused outrage in the community. We cannot let this act destroy our cultural heritage. That's why we need your help.

As the artists who painted the mural, we are committed to restoring it to its former glory. Your financial support will go towards providing the paint, supplies, equipment, and labor needed to complete this project. By donating, you will not only help us restore the Paul Robeson mural, but you will also send a message about the importance of preserving this type of public art.

Together, we can make a difference and continue to honor the legacy of Paul Robeson for years to come. Please donate today and help us reach this goal and restoring this important piece of art for our community. Your support is deeply appreciated and will make an impact. Thank you for joining us!

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About ART B.L.O.C DC

Art B.L.O.C. DC or Art Building Longevity for Our Community, is the largest artist collective in the DC Area.

The collective was founded in 2015 by creative culture worker Cory Lee Stowers to provide design, branding, mural, and space-making solutions for businesses, community organizations, and city arts agencies. Since its founding, the group has installed more than 50 public murals across the city, and numerous commercial and private commissions.


About the Mural

Living Time Line: Paul Robeson, 2015

A mural depicting the life of the great athlete, performer, and civil rights activist Paul Robeson. Living Time Line: Paul Robeson is the first mural in the United States to use an Augmented Reality application to extend the experience of the viewer.

Viewers can scan the mural's surface with their mobile devices and access archival videos and original content that gives broader context to the unique life of Mr. Robeson.

The was the first city-funded art project for Cory Lee Stowers and ART B.L.O.C. DC, through a DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities Public Arts Building Communities Grant.

Commissioned for the exterior of the building housing the Hung Tao Choi Mei Leadership Academy and Universal Capoeira Academy at 1351 U Street NW Washington, DC.


  • Cory Lee Stowers
  • Andrew Katz
  • Maria Miller
  • Eric B. Ricks
  • Nessar Jahahbin
  • Ernesto Zelaya
  • Zarina Zuparkhodjaeva